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   Centrifuge makes the kerosene life longer.   

       By removing sticky sludge, SPICO reduce the expanse up to 50%







SJ precision was founded in 1973 and specialized in producing bolts and nuts. They have 3 large factories throughout Korea. One of the factories has 72 sets of forming machine and 4 cleaning systems. For the cleaning system, they use kerosene as a cleaning oil. They try to keep the kerosene clean. Bolts and nuts stick to each other if they use dirty kerosene. They use thousands liter of kerosene every week. To reduce the expanse of cleaning oil, they try to test with our PCC for the reusable kerosene.







In the kerosene tank, they already have the magnetic conveyor for capturing large steel chip. We focused on the fine sludge because it made the oil sticky and It was from previously forming process. We decide to set up the PCC602 next to kerosene tank. It run 8 hours during their working time, and we checked the cleaned bolts and nuts surface every 3 days.







3 days later, we opened the rotor inside, and could see the sticky sludge captured. (see photo left)

2 weeks later, the bolts and nuts surface were still same as before and no more sticky.

The production manager said that PCC602 extends the kerosene life to double. It means they can save 50% of oil expanse for an year.

It was outstanding result for both companies, and this case makes SPICO sales wider.

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