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   Centrifuge with dewatering system reduces maintenance   

       GP1202 removes sludge and water in oil at the same time.







Hyundai Heavy Industry(HHI), world famous ship building company, contacted SPICO regarding sludge removal system for large CNC machine such as plano miller. While using CNC, sludge on moving surface occurred and came into lub oil tank. Moisture was mixed with lube oil as well. Consequently, they stop to repair the machine regularly. As the productivity decrease by frequent maintenance, they decided to use our purifier.





















HHI asked SPICO to inspect oil condition. In order to study oil condition change, purification demo set was installed for a month. The sludge and water emersion in the oil were analyzed everyday and we tried to find out what the most problem is in the oil.

Water in oil hold the sludge and it was hard to remove the sludge as far as water is in the oil.

SPICO decided to installed GP1202 which can remove sludge and water at the same time.








Two centrifuges and water separator set on the GP1202 as well as vacuum pump to remove bubble in the oil. HHI also asked us movable type to set any machine they want. So they now purify every machine regularly. Mr.Jeon, HHI maintenance manager, said “All machines are fully operating now without any stop. GP1202 makes the productivity increase.”

As the performance of GP1200 is admitted, they put 2 sets of GP1200 orders more to set up other shops in HHI.

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