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   Centrifuge makes the CNC machine maintenance easier   

       By removing fine aluminum particle, SPICO reduce maintenance time








MS tech is producing precise aluminum product for automobile and medical device by CNC machining. They have more than 150 sets of swiss type CNC turning machines for the mess production. The problem is they have to stop all machine every 3 weeks to clean the main spindle chuck because aluminum fine particles always stick to the chuck inside. Without cleaning, the chuck cannot hold the structure properly. The maintenance takes very long time and cause low productivity by stopping machine for a while.

They contacted us, SPICO to solve the problem.







The fine particles are aluminum and the size is under 4 um.

Because it is very light, it cannot be sank in the tank, and flow with cutting oil. (there were 2 filtration system, but it couldn’t remove the particle.)

We decided to install PCC602 at the cutting oil tank. In order to capture fine particle, we use hybrid filter and check the oil contaminant for a month.

As time goes by, particle in coolant decreased, and fine particle captured in the hybrid filter.








MS tech and SPICO checked the spindle chuck condition. The initial chuck was stuck by a lot of fine particle.

1 month later, MS tech open the chuck again and found almost nothing on chuck and spindle.

“It was amazing result, and there will be no more chuck cleaning maintenance.” Production manager said.

Now, they bought 1 set of PCC602 to manage the coolant condition without machine-stop.

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