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Centrifugal Filter

▶ Centrifugal Filter
· The centrifugal filter is in addition to the Full Flow Filter, where a proportion of the lubricant (10 %) supplied to the engine by the lubricant pump enters the centrifugal filter to remove the high density of the hydroforming engine during operation.
· By rotating the Jet Nozzle principle of operation and reaction, use a centrifugal force more than 2,000 times the gravity to reduce the amount of contaminants in the lubricant to 1-2 ㎛ to extend the lifespan of the filter.

▶ Benefits of Centrifugal Filter
· The life of the oil is extended as the oil cycle is increased 1.5 to 2.0 times.
· The bearing maintenance period is increased by 1.5-2.0 times after installation.
· Major causes (iron / silicon, etc.) that cause engine wear are reduced by more than 70 percent.
· Change Cleaning and Filter paper per 500 hours.
· For effective cleanup of oil, it is possible to install a single pump to build a 24-hour operation system so that it can run even when the engine is stopped.(It is most efficient at 60 ℃).
· The time to BEP is shortened.
* The advantages of this offer cost savings to customers.

▶ Centrifugal Filter RETROFIT
· Additional benefits of shipping engines are the convenience and low cost of settling.

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