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   Centrifuge makes the CNC coolant clean!   

       By removing fine aluminum particle, SPICO make the coolant life longer.








H.N.I.T is the iar craft and military automobile parts manufacturer. By their advanced technology, they produce precise part with their CNC machine. While wheir manufacturing process, coolant management system is essential. If they fail managing the collant condition, there would be serious problem on the products. Every CNC machine has at least 2 or 3 oil filter system. Most of chips are captured by the filter system, but ultra fine particles pass the filter system and still stay in coolant and machine. They try to remove all of chip to make coolant clean, and contacted us to use our centrifuge







Their ultra fine chips are aluminum and the size is under 4 um. Their raw material has a lot of silicon so the fine chips is more like sticky dirt. (It might be stick on the tool or material shile machining, and make the tolerance problem.) SPICO plan to purify on the 2nd filter system tank. Then coolant can go back to coolant tank with clean condition. We set the PCC602 on the 600liter tank and run the machine for 1 week.









As you can see next pictures, we got great result both ultra fine chip and coolant change.

Mud type fine chip are captured on the centrifuge rotor inside. The manager said.'Silicon is contained the aluminum material, and it seems more than 90% chips are out.' When he saw the oil color change, he is convinced himself that our PCC602 is optimum coolant filter system of aluminum CNC machine.