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   Centrifuge system meets heat treatment quality.   

       Product surface quality improvement by oil centrifuge.







NSK bearing in Korea, one of the biggest bearing manufacturer in the world, tried to boost their production as their business expansion. In their quenching oil tank, they put more than double volume of previous production.

As production increased, massive sludge occurred as well, and the massive sludge stuck to the product surface while heat treatment process. Consequently, it made the problem on product surface quality, and they had received complaint by their customer every month.

They were searching for a way to solve the quality problem and reduce sludge in the oil while keeping their productivity.






Previously, NSK was using our PCC602 which was one centrifuge with pumps at their 25,000 liter quenching oil tank. We found that the capacity of centrifuge was not enough to capture the massive sludge, and as we proposed, NSK agreed to install PCC1202 which has two parallel centrifuges with precise pump & motor speed control system. PCC1202 controls the flowrate itself to prevent overflow and detects oil leakage when the oil out.







PCC1202 system demonstrated immediate results. According to maintenance manager from NSK, PCC1202 captured 7kg of carbon sludge in every 24 hours. 3 weeks later, the sludge amount went down to 5kg a day, and the surface quality began improving. 1 month later, finally, all of surface quality problems were fixed.

Now they are proud to choose our PCC1202 system to meet their productivity and quality.