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   Oxidized carbon sludge remover in Quenching oil   

       Bearing housing surface quality and brightness improvement.







NSK bearing in Korea, one of the biggest bearing manufacturer in the world, is manufacturing large amount of bearing. One problem they got complaint from their customers, automobile maker, was the black spot on the bearing housing. NSK tried to remove the problem, but it doesn’t work because of the big size of tank(it is about 25,000 liters)

NSK was looking for a way to solve the problem, and finally They contacted SPICO.






We, SPICO needed to know what type of sludge was in the oil. As quenching oil is aging, Sludge is made by oxidation. And the sludge in the quenching oil interrupts the heating function.

SPICO provide PCC602 because of the big tank size, and we also expected there will be a large amount of sludge in the rotor inside.

Sludge amount was checked every 24 hours for 3 weeks. At first, about 3kg of sludge came out, and as time goes by, the sludge amount decreased to less than 2kg.







PCC602 successfully works well for the tank.

As decreasing sludge in tank, the surface problem was gone as well. According to heat treatment manager, ‘Mr. Jung-gi Park’ surface problem was solved as well as brightness also improved. He didn’t expect brightness improvement.

He pretty satisfied with the bearing housing quality by our PCC602, and bought 1 more set to install other quenching oil tank.